Online Vending System
PCMA's web-based Vending Management System provides a scalable solution for prepaid utility sales. Based on 3rd generation client-server technology, it:

• Provides a complete end-to-end vending solution.
• Caters for multiple vending clients including with various payment methods, including mobile money, mobile point-of-sale terminals, PC-based vending terminals, at an unlimited number of points of sale locations.
• Comes equipped with a full array of management, and maintenance tools.
• Allows the Utility to remotely manage merchants dispensing electricity tokens with 24-hour reconciliation.
• Manages vending retailers with a credit line management.
• Processes payments in real time.
• Provides flexible reporting structures and automated reports. The system has an extensive array of reports which can provide any information needed, quickly and easily. In addition, additional personalized reports can be produced by PCMA to meet specific needs, or customers can develop these directly on the system.
• Offers customized business intelligence reports providing real-time data on customers and key performance indicators.
• Delivers a full audit history of all associations between customers, accounts, meters, locations, activities and statistics – with the simple click of a button.
• Employs a centralized relational database with real-time integration.
• Provides an integrated billing system interface for comprehensive debt-collection management.
• Is robust and fully scalable with multi-threaded concurrent transaction processing, allowing background system monitoring for data integrity and operating reliability.
• Offers standard and customizable data feedback for drill down analysis and can be integrated with GIS mapping.
• Funnels purchases from multiple points of sale through to a centralized back-end system bringing multiple elements together under a single revenue collection umbrella. Approved partners integrate into the system by way of a standardized Web Services Protocol with the necessary unifying Web Services Description Language (WSDL] and XML schema definition (XSD] files provided to all vending channels.
• Allows online updates such as support for complex tariff structures, to be deployed quickly and easily from a central source.
• Is totally modular which facilitates complete flexibility and customization.
• Features user friendly intuitive interface, with user friendly simple menus, to ensure operators can quickly and easily utilize the software.
• Is available in a variety of languages.
• Is STS compliant, to ensure compatibility with the full range of products, as well as competitor STS products.
Provides a real-time token vending service interface for authorized vending clients over the LAN/WAN, Intranet or internet. Specifically designed for low bandwidth ICT network environments, it provides full token encryption capabilities without the overhead costs of local encryption hardware at the point of operation. It serves as a middle tier between the PCMA back-office and front-end vending clients and third party vending servers. The system runs off a standard computer with no need for a database thereby enabling utilities to vend from remote offices. The server application manages any number of remote devices from a central point in a vending infrastructure. The system facilitates communications between compatible thin-client vending terminals which can be personal computer or point of sale terminal based, or based on any platform that supports HTTP communications such as smart phones, cellphones and other third party products. The server is an ideal plug-in point for all current and future technologies.
housed within the Utility offices, this unit maintains a customer database to allow for account payments and tariff structures based on a customers’ purchase history. PC Based Point of Sale (POS) Terminal collect customer transactions, including energy sales, and account payments; which are transferred to the management system. Key reports contained on the vending unit include end of shift sales batch and banking batches, which incorporate a summary of the sales made (cash, check, etc), as well as the total of free issues.
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