Meter Data Management
PCMA's Meter Data Management (MDM) software solution enables collection, control, and automation for Smart Grid functionality of electricity, water, and gas utilities worldwide. The solution is designed to supply accurate data in near real time, and provide the possibility of configurable demand response, remote disconnection and remote firmware upgrades. A native 32-bit application, it provides all current Windows operational and connectivity options and decreases the learning curve. It is also an internet/intranet based application that allows secure control from any computer with internet access. Supporting Unicode UTF-16 standard, the system enables different users to select their preferred language whilst sharing the same system. One of PCMA's key advantages in being the in-house software developer of the whole system is its flexibility and timely response to any specific customer request.
Validating, reporting, controlling and archiving all meter data, the system is scalable to handle mass volumes of subscribers. The MDM system handles scheduled collection and controls all data from meters and concentrators.
The system automatically and continually measures the network for un-normative behavior. Fully customizable algorithm alert notifications are programmed into the system to send an automatic SMS/Email to the selected users. It assists with near real time identification (with the location of the event - MAP/GPS oriented device) for: outages; tampering attempts (nine different types); theft detection; line loss over the electricity infrastructure; low meter battery; leakages/pipe bursts/gas leak, etc.
All load control levels are set from the MDM to the meters via the communication. The system continually measures the load at each sub-station and automatically disconnects customers when configurable power thresholds are exceeded (consumers defined as subject to limits). The system intelligently limits the maximum current drawn from electricity sub-stations by managing the load when critical thresholds are approached in order to prevent damage to valuable circuit breakers. If an optional DIN sub-meter is installed at customer premises, the system operators can remotely limit the use of auxiliary customer equipment during peak energy periods. It can be dependent on power, currents, voltages, frequencies, etc.
The consumer has access to consumption and cost data (in user selected intervals) via the online customer portal. The system can be configured by the consumer to send automatic email notifications, triggered when user specified events occur. It can be used to verify usage charges as well as provide analysis to justify energy savings projects. Automatic messages can also be sent to groups of consumer (SMS/Email; the meters’ display, internet portal, in-home display).
Within the MDM, the network operator can remotely control essential pre-payment elements such as: (i) remotely crediting a meter; (ii) remotely switching a meter between credit and pre-payment; (iii) sending immediate online tariff changes; (iv) providing emergency credit; (v) setting trickle flow or load limiting when credit runs out; and (vi) sending user friendly pre-notification of disconnections.
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