PCMA provides a full comprehensive solution for any electricity metering needs in low voltage, medium voltage, and high voltage. The solution enables continuous analysis and alerts to real-time events in the grid allowing a range of capabilities such as outage management, demand response, and revenue protection. All the meters are fully certified by KEMA and other certification bodies.

The meters are connected to PCMA'S Meters Data Management (MDM) software and enable online and scheduled readings of energy, current, voltage, frequency, power factor, and other meter load profile parameters. Via the web, authorized utility operators can configure meter settings and receive alerts of unbalanced phases and tamper notification, as well as alerts of other un-normative events via automatic SMS/Email.

PCMA also offers a solution for consumers to monitor their real-time consumption and schedule the use of individual appliances in the home via an RF dongle for the PC, a unit for displaying consumptionon the home TV, a smart tablet, as well as appliance monitoring and control devices.

PCMA has overcome the technical barriers associated with PLC, and developed a bi-directional “Dynamic” PLC technology, which delivers real-time (seconds) readings and control from up to 2km (from the Concentrator) over existing low voltage grid lines and the reliability to receive hourly readings from at least 95% of the meters, and 99%+ readings on a daily basis. PCMA offers a cost-effective and flexible solution, enabling a range of communication protocols and interoperability.
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