Water Meters
Multi-jet Dry Type Vane Wheel Water Meter With Rotary Register DN15~DN50 WM15MC-1.5” (Mechanical) WM10MC-1” (Mechanical) WM15EC-1.5” (AMI capabillity) WM10EC-1” (AMI capabillity)
Smart Water Meter (Mechanical-Optical) DN15 – DN 50 (1/2” - 2”)
M20MC-2” (Mechanical) WM30MC-3” (Mechanical) WM40MC-4” (Mechanical) WM20EC-2” (AMI capabillity) WM30EC-3” (AMI capabillity) WM40EC-4” (AMI capabillity)
The External Pulse Counter is built for counting pulses and wirelessly transmitting the data. It is allows the flexibility of remote communications without the need to replace the existing mechanical water meter. The device combines state-of-the-art communications, and internal batteries, all integrated and sealed in a single housing. The units hosts either long-range two-way fixed network unlicensed RF or GPRS communications.
PCMA’s smart water prepayment meter integrates smart water metering, and prepayment in a single unit. The meter is recharged via a STS compliant 20-digit numeric token that is generated by any STS compliant vending systems.
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