The KY124 is a Consumer Interface Unit (CIU), and is an integrated part of the PCMA AMI "Smart Grid" solution. The unit is located in the consumer’s premises and communicates with the consumer’s meter. It enables the input of STS prepayment tokens for crediting the meter, and is capable of presenting a range of consumption data to the consumer for energy efficiency purposes. The unit incorporates a keypad with audible feedback, an LCD, and a number of communication alternatives with the meter, such as Power Line Communication (PLC) or two-wire interface (DCPLC).
The PC-POS5000S is a hand-held portable, standalone POS device designed for use over cellular communication networks for the selling of credit for prepayment meters. The device provides on-line vending via the utility’s PCMA Meter Data Management (MDM)System. PCPOS5000S enables a utility to set up flexible vending points that are fully mobile, cost-effective and automatic communications with the central Utility Vending Database. The unit comprises of an external power supply, internal rechargeable battery, integrated modem, thermal printer for printing the STS token number, swipe card reader, and is designed for stationary use.
PCMA's Field Services Terminal (FST2) is a hand held unit (HHU) running a unique Android-based application for streamlining the meter deployment process, reading and writing data with the meters and concentrators, as well as collecting GIS locations for future Outage Management System application. The device is part of PCMA's overall smart grid solution ensuring security of the meter and system from the time of installation until configuration of the full system.
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