PCMA and Alfen work together for advanced Micro-Grid management and control
15 March 2017
PCMA and Alfen work together for advanced Micro-Grid management and control
PCMA Successfully Integrates a Micro-Grid System and Smart Meters Using Real-Time Grid Frequency

PCMA Successfully Integrates a

Micro-Grid System and Smart Meters

Using Real-Time Grid Frequency

PETACH-TIKVA, Israel, March 14, 2017

In collaboration with Alfen b.v (“Alfen”), PCMA Ltd. (“PCMA ”) smart meters have been tested with Alfen’s SOPRA system for advanced Micro-Grid management and control.


Alfen offers sustainable off-grid power solution for rural applications commonly known as SOPRA. The SOPRA system is a combined energy delivery and storage system, highly appropriate for remote areas. The power can be generated by renewable sources like solar, wind, hydro or conventional sources like diesel generators.


The system employs a new advanced smart meter developed by PCMA , a meter with built-in under-frequency functionalities that will enable the realization of a fully deployable micro grid management platform capable to effectively perform real-time control and optimization of the distribution grid. These smart meters enable the option to disconnect loads in less than 70 milliseconds when certain predefined frequency values are reached. The scheme allows the removal of specific loads from each individual customer over the distribution grid, without the need to cause a regional blackout. It permits the implementation of a technique similar to the one applied on contemporary power systems but applied over the Low Voltage network, disconnecting individual consumers/loads.


With the built-in under-frequency functionality of the meters utilities can elect which customers will be disconnected and each customer may be predefined by a different frequency value. The disconnection levels can be remotely configured through PCMA ’s Meter Data Management (MDM) software. This breakthrough allows differentiated and gradual load shedding for an improved load management. Thus, blackouts will not affect the same consumers as is common practice until now.


When a large number of smart meters are connected to the system, it might experience instability due to sudden load changes if all the smart meters are switched ON/OFF at the same time due to change in frequency. Therefore, the smart meters have functionality to switch OFF in random within a given period of time to avoid a sudden change in the load. Furthermore, the rules of restarting power can be predefined (restore power after 30 minutes, restore after 60 minutes and etc.)


The advanced smart meter can be connected with appliance relays (APRs) which are digital outputs capable of shedding a partial load at the customer premises, for example disconnection of only the air-conditioners or hot water boilers in the initial phase, provided they are connected in distinct circuits. Last but not least, over-consuming customers will be selectively disconnected, while other customers will not be limited or disconnected including at risk customers (elderly, sick) and essential service providers.


PCMA offers a prepaid and vending management energy system that will enable the customer to “top-up” the meters online. The system is also designed to support dynamic tariff pricing according to real-time frequency levels.  Customers can use keypads (customer interface units) or the customer portal to access tariff information and monitor consumption.


PCMA solution ensures the frequency stability of the system without excessive signaling and avoiding the instability, fluctuations and inconvenience that the conventional load shedding causes. The system has been tested in a real power system. The smart micro grid solution enhances the control and efficiency of the network through the deployment of innovative distributed intelligence within the smart meter which reacts in real-time and does not rely on the communication infrastructure.


About PCMA Ltd.

PCMA Ltd. was established in 2006. PCMA is a leader in the research & development, marketing and supply of smart grid solutions, as a complete platform based on software and hardware devices. For more information visit www.PCMA .co.il


About Alfen b.v.

Alfen b.v. (Pvt. Ltd.) was established in 1937 and currently is the market leader in The Netherlands in the

field of transformer stations and Electric Vehicle Charging stations. It is a part of the TBI group since

1971 which is an established construction and installation company in the country of The Netherlands.


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