26 March 2015
Dynamic Power Line Communication
Technology developed by PCMA achieves real two-way communication
The “Dynamic” Power Line Communications (PLC) technology developed by PCMA achieves real two-way communication with the highest reliability in the industry,and can be integrated into the smart meters of 3rd party suppliers.
  • Thetechnology allows meters to communicate with a concentrator at a distance of up to 2 km over electricity wires (Aluminum/Copper) within 2-3 seconds with greater than 95% success. Daily readings are achieved from at least 99% of the meters.
  • Each PCMA PLC Concentrator communicates with up to 2,047 meters.
  • The system is plug & play – simply plug in the meter, and confirm, communication with a hand-held device.
  • The Dynamic PLC technology is proven through installations with utilities across the globe through a series of very successful pilot installations with leading utilities in more than 12 countries with indifferent environments and different types of installations. 
Transferring Data over the Power Lines is known for many years. A lot of companies have tried to develop solutions of transmitting data over the power lines. The existing deployments over the world indicate there are major obstacles to make this technology reliable and robust. The main reasons for these failures are noise and infrastructure varying conditions.

There are a big number of PLC modem suppliers. The two major ways of modulation in these PLC modems are Narrow-Band and Broad-Band:
  • Narrow band uses modulation frequencies
  • Broadband uses modulation frequencies of 2-20MHz (OFDM).
The current results on medium size deployments (France and Holland) with the Narrow band PLC are not good. Companies are able to get daily reading only at the level of 80%. This is despite their effort to retry communication continuously during the day. This reason brought a lot of utilities to consider the GPRS communication despite the fact it will be a costly one. The Broadband PLC can only reach 75% of the meters and requires a large number of repeaters and expensive installation. Most installations using this technology has not proven itself since this modulation is very sensitive to noise. The communication promises to bring high bandwidth; however the success of communication to the meters is very low, especially in Commercial and Industrial locations.

All of the existing solutions do not take into consideration the instantaneous conditions on the Grid lines. They try to improve the communication by using error detection and error correction methods. PCMA is the first company in the world which implemented a solution which takes into consideration the grid behavior. By implementing its Dynamic PLC technology, PCMA is able to get up to 99.9% reading for the smart meters over a long distance of grid lines at very noisy grid every 15 minutes.

PCMA has already deployed tens of thousands of meters in deferent locations over the world. The system was installed in Industrial, Commercial and residential location and the performance in identical and most satisfactory.

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VP Business Development
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