Announcement of Office Relocation
04 December 2013
Announcement of Office Relocation
We are pleased to announce that our expansion has necessitated a move to larger offices. We have moved

Our new office is located in an ultra-modern building, conveniently located in the center of Israel, a five minute walk from the train station with ample parking.

The offices feature conference rooms, offices, lab testing areas, relaxation area and a large open roof.

The new development will enable the company to accommodate its clients more effectively and efficiently.


About PCMA Ltd. (“PCMA ”)

PCMA is a technology leader in the smart metering industry. The company is engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing smart grid solutions with a range of benefits provided by unique technology.

The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) includes a portfolio of innovative products, ranging from a meter data management (MDM) system at utilities data centers, data concentrators and smart meters, all the way to intelligent consumer monitoring solutions for managing consumption.  The system uses several communication interfaces such as: PLC, RF, GPRS, and Ethernet.

The Company’s electric meters have undergone extensive testing according to IEC standards, and received worldwide certification by KEMA. The Company employs world class hardware and software engineers from its head-quarters in Israel, and is supported by business partners across the globe.  The Company has proven its technology through installations across the globe with utilities and industrial (sub-metering) clients within different environments. The data from these installations show that the investment payback period is very short (in some cases a few months). www.PCMA

For more information please contact:

Joseph Wittman

VP Business Development


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