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Founded in 2011, PCMA is based in Johannesburg, and is supported by a team dedicated to success through unceasing product innovation and customer satisfaction.   


PCMA provides a turnkey, end to end solution including smart meters, bi-directional communications, and Meter Data Management (MDM) centralized office software, including a customer portal. PCMA’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure supports a comprehensive suite of applications such as real-time fraud elimination, smart prepayment and vending, demand response capabilities, outage management, asset management, and business intelligence dashboards. PCMA also increases customer engagement through a self-service customer portal and customer interface unit that provides consumers with access to consumption and cost data to verify usage charges, as well as provide analysis to justify energy savings projects.



PCMA offers a scalable solution that can be expanded to support millions of meter end-points with a full range of smart meters for high-voltage, medium-voltage and low-voltage. These meters are installed through a streamlined meter deployment process. Much thought has been given in designing the system’s architecture so it will comply with all the current and expected future needs and requirements such as energy forecasting, GIS, outage management and micro-grids. The system features open architecture/protocol standards allowing for integration of third party manufactured equipment into the system and integration with ERP and billing software. Our products are fully secure and designed with fail-safe backup systems to ensure the system’s availability and zero loss of data.



PCMA also offers project management services such as project plan development, risk management, quality management, multi-vendor contracting and more. The master communication plan contributes to the development of a high-level target reference architecture that guides network and operations planning, paying specific attention to CAPEX and OPEX investments and the trade-off between the performance of new technology and security/availability requirements.



The combination of a unique technology with a high level of innovation, systems performance, functionality, communications reliability, ease of use, as well as significant value for money is fundamental to the PCMA’s success in receiving extensive recognition as a preeminent smart grid solution vendor.

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