Workforce Automation

PCMA's Field Services Terminal (FST) is a hand held unit (HHU) running a unique Android-based application for streamlining the meter deployment process, reading and writing data with the meters and concentrators, as well as collecting GIS locations for the Outage Management System application. FST is part of PCMA's best-practice Work-Force Automation System.

FST communicates with any PCMA concentrator or smart meter through the IR port. The device can locally set, read and activate any function in the concentrator and smart meter, allowing the field crew to access the same functionality to receive/send information and commands to the meters as performed by the MDMS server software.

At the time of meter installation, the FST triggers the meters’ anti-tamper alarm system prior to the meters connection to the MDMS software. Any attempts to tamper with the meter (by-pass, terminal cover open, magnetic interference, etc.) will be recorded, and notified once the meter communications is established to the control center.

FST automates much of the meter integration process at the time of installation. FST collects information about the existing, as well as new meter, and transfers it to the MDMS server. The system scans the meter bar code number, records the meter readings, and uses the camera on the smart phone to append images of the meter and meter reading. FST collects GIS coordinates using the device’s GPS receiver, updating the MDMS with the location of the meters in the field at the time of installation for GIS and outage management applications.

The FST enables the operator to monitor installers' efficiency by tracking and reporting on the time spent for installation as well as the identity of the installer which can be queried for analysis and troubleshooting. FST is part of PCMA's Smart Grid Work-Flow System offering best practice workforce automation. FST ensures that the field installation teams are equipped with the right tools to get the job done, efficiently and on-time. 

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