Asset Management System

The Asset Management System (AMS) provides lowers operating costs, helps prevent outages, minimizes unexpected capital investments for more efficient network life cycle management, as well as fulfils the requirement to submit various types of reports for management and with public authorities – all in a single system. The AMS features an open architecture, web browser-based platform, which has a dynamic, interactive user interface, and is GIS ready.

It provides a comprehensive set of tools, including:

Asset View: cost-effective, deep visibility into the distribution network. Utilities can choose to prioritize locations in the network rather than all potential locations – an approach that yields significant cost savings while delivering high value. 

Power Factor & Voltage Monitoring: displays actual measurements of system asset loading, voltage and power factor parameters. Values can be used for monitoring of voltage/power factor violations (above and below nominal values), load balancing, balancing the load between phases, system planning, new services and design support.

Transformer View: Overloaded transformers are recognized by aggregating and analyzing meter-by-meter AMI load data at each distribution transformer in order to prioritize them for early replacement and prevent failures. This type of early identification and proactive replacement of at-risk transformers can save a utility millions of dollars per year in transformer failure costs. By identifying at-risk transformers with high load growth the utility can better size failure replacements.

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