Demand Response Capabilities

The system can optionally offer several intelligent elements for demand response. The system can gather and analyze information in real-time on the grid in order to determine whether the grid is at risk by high demand at certain points (domestic consumer, industrial consumer, city, entire grid) or if instability may affect the living grid (such as renewable energy and EV).

Selective Appliance Shut-Down: A DIN rail load control device can be installed in customer premises to remotely limit the use of auxiliary customer equipment (hot water heaters, air conditioners, swimming pool pump, etc.) during peak energy periods. The units are activated by the utility through the MDMS (via the Smart Meter) or by the consumer via PCMA's In Home Displays 

Customized Load Limiting: With the ability to load limit each individual consumer separately, utilities have the option to offer preferred/at risk supply contracts and charge premiums/give discounts accordingly.

Under-frequency Circuitry for Rapid Response: Using optional closed loop/real time meters with “under-frequency” circuitry installed it is possible to react within milliseconds to demand response events. Special circuitry installed within three phase/HT/MV meters installed on feeders, and distribution transformers continuously monitors frequencies and reacts with 70ms to frequency variations nearing full capacity by activating a digital output to connect or reconnect certain lines exceeding configurable value. Automatic reconnection after a configurable period if power consumption is within limits defined.

Protection Over the Infrastructure Assets: In cases where a secondary transformer is supplying above a power threshold or the consumption profile is quickly fluctuating above the transformer capability, the concentrator broadcasts a load limitation command to all meters on the transformer branch. This localized Demand Response is capable of reacting in a closed loop with the ability to remotely change the values from the control center. The utility will be able to load limit all customers, and provide distribution transformer protection (for example, if the CT meter and concentrator is remotely configured to 115% of the transformer capacity the distribution transformer will be automatically disconnected over the low voltage).Predefined settings in the meters protect the circuit breakers belonging to the utility. If demand exceeds a certain level, automatic disconnection occurs with automatic reconnection.

Grouping: With the ability to group consumers, a single load limitation command is sent to a certain group and within seconds all group load will be limited. For example only those customers specified as industrial with capacity over a certain amount, or only those households consuming an excessive amount. During critical status when transformer is supplying near maximum capacity, select customers may be limited at varying power levels. I.e. automatic disconnection above 60 amps. Certain category groups of customers may be defined as exempt from load limitations (frail/elderly and emergency services).

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