PCMA has invested significant resources in developing a full end-to-end turnkey, advanced smart meter solution, based on smart grid technology to address all the challenges confronting utilities today. Our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) incorporates vast knowledge and experience, accumulated during many years of development and implementation of smart metering solutions, successfully serving many customers worldwide.


The PCMA solution is a flexible platform utilizing open architecture/protocols standards enabling interoperability and integration with  third party software and meters.


The MDMS’s APIs ensure interfacing and synchronizing of data exchange with the utility’s other information systems. The integration process is usually performed via a set of web services on both ends, sharing data and functionalities.


PCMA acknowledges security as a very important feature of its Smart Grid Solution. A detailed emphasis is given to each security point of failure of the overall solution. Each part in the overall solution is monitored and uses different encryption methods, protections and procedures. PCMA provides a blanket solution coving all known tampering methods.


The AMI is a state of the art solution including smart meters, bi-directional communications, and Meter Data Management (MDM) centralized office software, including a customer portal. The AMI is a platform supporting a comprehensive suite of applications, such as:


-Real-time Fraud Elimination

-Smart Prepayment and Vending

-Demand Response Capabilities

-Outage Management System

-Asset Management System

-Business Intelligence Dashboards

-Real-time Solution

-Robust 2-Way Communication

-Grid Compliance

-Cyber Security



-Scalable Solution

-Workforce Automation

-Efficient Consumer Engagement

-Interoperable Solution

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