+ Does PCMA offer just Power Line communication? 

PCMA offers high level of integration, using most updated communications methods such as PLC, GPRS & RF (RFID, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other RF) technologies.


+ How long does it take to read a meter? 

It is possible to communicate with a meters at any world location within 2 seconds.


+ What is Dynamic PLC? 

As the power lines are continuously changing their behavior, PCMA’s Dynamic PLC performs real time analysis and communication adjustments to transfer the data according to the existing real-time conditions of the grid.


+ What is the CIU/IHD? 

The KY121 (“Keypad”) is a smart customer interface unit (CIU). The Keypad is located at the customer's premises and communicates with the customer meter over Dynamic PLC or two wire, over a distance of over 200 meters. It provides the customer with information on consumption, demand data, and rate of consumption.



+ What is the RF distance when using a water or gas meter? 

The Concentrator communicates with any meter at a distance of 1,000m.  With PCMA’s semi-mesh network, it is possible to communicate to distance of 10 km.


+ What performance does Dynamic PLC offer? 

Dynamic PLC offers real time meter communication (2 seconds) over the existing power lines at a distance of up to 2Km in any environments (industrial, commercial and residential), with low cost implementation.


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