+ Are the Meters protected against tamper? 

All PCMA Meters alert against tampering, such as cover open, reverse connection, magnetic interference etc.  

+ Can PCMA control the meters? 

An internal relay allows connect/disconnect of the customer. The meter can also limit the amount of water or electricity supplied to the customer in case of non-payment.


+ Can PCMA Solution detect line losses? 

Both in water and electricity the system detects and reports on line losses in real time.


+ Do the Meters and Concentrators store information? 

Each meter stores the last 3 months readings. Each Concentrator stores the last 3 months readings of all Meters within its network. The system offers full redundancy at all system levels.


+ Does PCMA offer a full system solution? 
PCMA supplies a total solution for customers including development, production, installation & operation. This includes training, after sales, and project management. The solution includes all system components under a one stop shop solution.

+ Does PCMA offer prepayment meters? 

Yes, any PCMA meter can be switched between prepayment/credit from the Meter Data Management Software. PCMA simplifies the process by loading the money into the meter once a payment was performed.


+ I have existing meters with RS485. Can I connect them to the PCMA system? 

Yes, as long as the other meters have Modbus communication, PCMA can connect them to our system by using a RS485/PLC unit. This solution will upgrade any ordinary meter to a smart Dynamic PLC meter.


+ In case I have just 2 meters do I need a Concentrator? 

No, when small number of meters are involved, PCMA supplies a Meter with GPRS connectivity. 

+ Is it possible to have the software customized? 

All PCMA software is built in modules allowing modifications as per customer request.


+ We have power cable infrastructure made of aluminum. Will the PLC work? 

Yes, the Dynamic PLC works the same on aluminum or copper infrastructure.


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